My Story

Embrace Your Passion

After completing my degree at the Italian Conservatory, I refined my musical expression at the Universite’ Internationale de la Guitare in France and via artistic collaboration with Spain's best known artists of Classical and Flamenco guitar in Seville, Cordoba, Granada, and Jerez.

Live Life in Music

As a world musician, I love to perform, teach, and carry out extensive research on the diverse artistic expressions that the guitar has to offer. As a result, a number of Italy's national Jazz manifestations have endorsed several of my professional recordings. Needless to say, I truly enjoy performing and composing music for theatrical works that cross international venues, and I've been honored as a special guest on Italian regional and national networks to share my passion through the composition of musical themes for online music, radio, and television transmissions.

Be Inspired By Everyone and Everything

Over the years I've performed and made professional recordings for Italian, French, Tunisian, Spanish, German, American, and Singaporean entertainment - making headlines with positive reviews from international critics. I continue to perform as a solo guitarist or in artistic collaboration, and my most recent CD La Calle del Pintau articulates the combination of a great variety of musical influences accumulated throughout 40 years of composing and performing across the globe.